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Pest Control for Rats

When our country got put into lockdown, it meant that rats' environment changed - their habitats and food sources (from hotels and restaurants) were no longer running. This has meant that plenty of homes have been infested.

September 15, 2020
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Pest Control for Rats

What effects has lockdown had on rats?

Lockdown has be confusing for all of us, not knowing what the new normal will be? Well, it's no difference for rats and other pests! Rats have had to change their environment and habitat that we have given them for years. With restaurants and hotels shut their food source is no longer where it would normally be therefore they have moved, into private properties like yours. This is not something that you have caused, unless you keep chickens or feed birds I’ll cover these areas a bit later.

How to rats get in?


Yes rats do and will swim up your toilet! Sewers are one of the most common areas rats will enter they enter via old pipework not sealed off. Or they may enter through clay pipes that are cracked or broken or manholes with defects. This is one area that without specialist equipment you may not be able to see what’s going on.

Gaps and air bricks

Rats can squeeze through very small gaps. Any damage to the outer brickwork will allow rats to gain entry to your cavity wall. Even if you have wall insulation, rats will the gain access to the roof in any way they can. The gaps can be sealed with the property grills or cement and mortar.

Leaving the back door open

When the weather is warm and muggy, we all leave the patio door open or have a door open to get a breeze into the house. Rats are inquisitive and they will enter a door just to have a look.

Look what the cat brought in!

Cats are natural hunters, sometimes though they may leave you a present that isn’t as dead as it appears.

Nightmare neighbours!

Sometimes it’s not your fault if you are in a semi detached or terrace property - the rats may not be coming in from you. It could be a neighbour or further down the terrace. If this is the case, then unfortunately a difficult conversation may ensue. A professional pest controller can help with this process.

Bird feeders and chickens

Bird feeders are great for birds to enjoy. However for rats it’s like a fast food restaurant! Unfortunately, birds don’t clean up after themselves and will leave debris over the garden and lawn this is perfect for rats to graze on.

Chickens are again natural grazers the scratch and peck at the floors or the feeders. Rats will nest under the coups and no matter what you do rats will get in.

This information is not to scare you but to inform you. You can buy lots of different poison and traps from the internet, but please use them with caution! Poison is indiscriminate if you use incorrectly. I know during these unprecedented times, people's jobs are uncertain and we are facing a recession but a professional pest control company will possibly end up saving you money. If you still wish to go it alone please ask for advice - most companies will try and help if they can. Please give us a call to discuss your pest problem on 0800 0418 405 and we will be happy to provide you with further advice.


Rats can cause great distress once seen in a property or in a garden. Rats can cause damage to electrics, plastic water pipes and to house hold items. We offer fast and effective rat control.


Wasps start build nests around March or April  (depending on the weather) chewing wood from fences, eaves and sheds to make the nest.

Bird Proofing

Seagulls are protected by law so culling them at present is not allowed. If seagulls are nesting or have nested at your property they will return.


Moles can cause immense damage to lawns and gardens. Moles work for 4 hours and sleep for 4 Hours and dig large tunnel systems.

Pest Control Sussex


We value all of our feedback from our clients. We are very lucky to have had excellent testimonials given to us both verbally and on-line. Below you can read select examples.

Wasp nest removal.

Very efficient, and friendly service. Rang early in the morning and here just after lunch. I would happily use again and recommend.

Customer in Bexhill-on-Sea 25 July 2016
Rat removal.

Excellent, professional, very prompt and friendly service.  I would highly recommend Matt to anybody - he was happy to answer my many questions and offer lots of advice.  Excellent service from start to finish. Thanks Matt.

Customer in Sheerness 26 February 2016
Mole problem.

Very efficient, highly recommend.

Customer in Romney Marsh 29 October 2015
Hornet nest.

Felt very reassured and safe in their presence. Very informative of what the situation and remedy was. Very satisfied.

Customer in Horsham 28 July 2015
Installation of pigeon spikes.

Very personable, polite and careful in carry out the work and flexible over dates and timings due to weather conditions.

Customer in Tunbridge Wells 10 June 2015