Bee Pest Control East Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Force 10 Pest Control remove bees from your home and business fast. Relocating the bees and their nests to our local Beekeeper. No call out charges!

Professional Bee Pest Control Service in East Sussex, Kent & Surrey

Bees can cause alarm in great numbers, so if you suspect there may be a nest in your home or commercial premises contact Force 10 today. We appreciate the immediate need for bees to be removed quickly and effectively, and we have many years of experiencing safely relocating honey bees and bumble bees to our local beekeeper in East Sussex.

Free Site Survey

Following your initial contact with Force 10 we will arrange a free pest survey to assess the problem - this can be booked in at short notice to ensure the fast removal of any pest issue. Using the latest tools and techniques, combined with experience and knowledge, our team will resolve the problem quickly so that you can return to normality.

How to get rid of a Bees Nest

There is a distinct need for ecological but also business friendly and progressive pest control solutions, alongside practices that comply with current industry regulations and legislation. As a long-standing, fully qualified company, it is our priority to always ensure our pest control services are delivered in accordance with current best practices and industry standards. 

We always strive to relocate the honey bees and bumble bees, but on very rare occasions (due to health and safety reasons) it can be necessary for us to destroy the bees and their nest. This procedure is carried out by removing the honeycomb or sealing up entry points, to avoid other bees raiding the infected old hive. 

Guaranteed Pest Control Service

For more information about our bee pest control service or wasp control service please contact Force 10 today. We are extremely competitive in price and would always recommend not attempting to use off-the-shelf pest control products that are often ineffective and a waste of money. Our removal methods are safe and long lasting.