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Wasp Nest Removal Eastbourne

If you suspect there could be a wasps nest in or around your residential or commercial property, it is important to have it dealt with immediately. Wasp nests can occur in lofts, the ground, trees and sheds and can cause extreme harm if they are not dealt with effectively. If this sounds like a position you are in - you may require wasp nest removal.

Wasps start to build their nests in the spring time (depending on weather) by chewing wood from fences, eaves and sheds and then making the nest using these remnants and saliva. The nests can become extremely large - up to 10 thousand wasps by the end of the summer. Towards August and September wasps can become very aggressive and are known for stinging without being provoked. Wasp nest removal is the only way out of this situation.

How to Clear a Wasp Nest

It is crucial that you do not try and deal with the wasps nest yourself! Wasps are likely to sting intruders and wasp stings are extremely painful - especially if you have an allergic reaction and it could lead to hospitalisation. We will resolve the problem often on the same day as your enquiry. We are trained operatives who wear special, protective clothing so we are not harmed by the wasps. We use specific chemicals which are curated especially for disposing of wasps nests - unobtainable for people who are not trained in wasp removal.

Experienced Pest Control Eastbourne

Wasps nests don't simply disappear on their own! Don't let the nest get bigger. Leave it to the wasp nest removal professionals to sort the problem effectively and get you back to normality. Offering efficient wasp control services - contact us here or call 0800 041 8405.

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Wasp nest removal.

Very efficient, and friendly service. Rang early in the morning and here just after lunch. I would happily use again and recommend.

Customer in Bexhill-on-Sea 25 July 2016
Rat removal.

Excellent, professional, very prompt and friendly service.  I would highly recommend Matt to anybody - he was happy to answer my many questions and offer lots of advice.  Excellent service from start to finish. Thanks Matt.

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Very efficient, highly recommend.

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Hornet nest.

Felt very reassured and safe in their presence. Very informative of what the situation and remedy was. Very satisfied.

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Installation of pigeon spikes.

Very personable, polite and careful in carry out the work and flexible over dates and timings due to weather conditions.

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