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If you have a wasp nest in your home or office - we can help dispose of the nest safely and professionally. Offering wasp nest removal in Brighton and surrounding areas - Contact Force 10 today to receive same day service! Call 0800 041 8405

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Effective Wasp Nest Removal Brighton

Wasp stings can be extremely painful - especially if you are allergic. Wasps are known to sting with no prior indication and for no particular reason. They become particularly aggressive towards the end of August and September, after they have built their nests around March and April. The process starts by the Queen Wasp seeking out an appropriate location for the nest which is often our loft, tree or shed. They build their nests from chewing wood from fences, eaves and sheds then they mix this with their saliva to form a soft pulp which is then transported to the building site to start construction of the wasps nest. The nests can become extremely large - up to 10 thousand wasps can form one nest!

How do I get rid of a Wasp Nest?

You should deal with a wasp nest as soon as possible. Wasp nests grow quickly and it is best to demolish it before it harms you or another occupier of your property. We are trained professionals who are equipped with the correct tools to tackle the problem with ease. We use specific chemicals which are curated just for wasp nest removal - nothing else will be as effective. We wear protective clothing meaning no wasps can get close to our skin to harm us.

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Wasps nests will only go using specialist services. Do not try and dispose of the nest yourself - it is dangerous and the risk of hurting yourself is too high. We offer same day nest removal to get rid of the problem efficiently so you can relax and know the issue is within safe hands. Offering superb wasp control service - get in touch here or call us to receive professional, fast service on 0800 041 8405.

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Wasp nest removal.

Very efficient, and friendly service. Rang early in the morning and here just after lunch. I would happily use again and recommend.

Customer in Bexhill-on-Sea 25 July 2016
Rat removal.

Excellent, professional, very prompt and friendly service.  I would highly recommend Matt to anybody - he was happy to answer my many questions and offer lots of advice.  Excellent service from start to finish. Thanks Matt.

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Mole problem.

Very efficient, highly recommend.

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Hornet nest.

Felt very reassured and safe in their presence. Very informative of what the situation and remedy was. Very satisfied.

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Installation of pigeon spikes.

Very personable, polite and careful in carry out the work and flexible over dates and timings due to weather conditions.

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